Song Lyrics and Chords: “Tomorrow Night” as performed by Patty Griffin

As I was driving to my parents house in Kemp, Oklahoma, a small town on the banks of the Red River, I was listening to 1,000 Kisses, a CD by Patty Griffin. I had heard one of her songs on the Americana station some time ago and more out of curiosity than anything, I purchased this CD. The song I’m posting is not the one I first heard, but it is the one I like best on her CD and the one I want to learn and add to my little music show. Here are the lyrics to this song (some sites on the Net say it was written by Bob Dylan). I follow the lyrics of each stanza with the chords. As most musicians can play songs they like by ear, you can hear when the chords change.  If the key is wrong for you, then transpose it. Evidently, a few others have recorded this song, so if you have a favorite version other than Patty’s, I’d like to know about it.

Tomorrow night will you remember what you said tonight?
Tomorrow night, will all the thrill be gone?
Tomorrow night will it be just another memory,
Or just another song that’s in my heart to linger on?

G, C, Cm, D7, G, Am7, D

G, C, Cm, D7, G

Your lips are so tender, your heart is beating fast
And you willingly surrender to me, to be my darling at last
Tomorrow night will you be with me when the moon is bright
Tomorrow night will you say those lovely things you said tonight?

D7, G, D7 G

G, C, Cm, D7, G

(Repeat each verse until your audience is weeping!)

Patty Griffin’s official website is here: