Scottish ABC Book

Today, I signed the contract with Pelican for my next children’s book: A Scottish ABC Book.  Teachers and librarians have told me that many people collect ABC books. I’m also at work with the one I hope will follow it: The Little Confederate’s ABC Book.

I’ve had great response to the fact that my Jim Limber Davis: A Black Orphan in the Confederate White House will be part of the Accelerated Reader Program. I feel this is a major coup.  I’m drowning in work, and feel somewhat overwhelmed, but somehow I’ll get it all done. A big part of yesterday was spent fooling with the rental car we needed to replace the Camry until we hear how my insurance company will settle on it.  A big hunk of today has already been eaten up with other chores.  My grandson, daughter and son-in-law will be with us this weekend, so some preparations MUST be made for that. I guess sometimes there’s no way out of doing some of those, but I know my writing suffers because they really eat into my time.

This Saturday, I have a signing at the Books-A-Million in Houma, Louisiana. I think Friday I’ll hit the road and work some libraries and school districts on my way there.  My excitement at finally being in the writing business is still high, and my determination still just as strong. Fall is the busy season for marketing books. Many people purchase books as presents too.  Well, just got a call from one of the universities I work with. Seems I have some paperwork I must turn in–like today! Time for Sisyphus to get back to work.