Saturday’s French Quarter Signing

I had two book signings Saturday in the New Orleans French Quarter. The weather was absolutely beautiful. As usual, my senses were overwhelmed with the sights and sounds. (Thankfully, New Orleans smells much better than it did). I always obtain images from the people and activities there that I quickly scribble down to use in future stories.  I sold a very respectable quantity of books, made some contacts with school teachers in Houston and Alabama to come and do my little Civil War program. I love this gypsy writer’s life. The only danger is I have to discipline myself and guard my private writing time jealously. I arrived in the French Quarter at 9:00 am, sold books at the Friends of the Cabildo Bookstore on Jackson square until 1:00 pm, then moved to Tisket-A-Tasket and sold books until 5:45 pm. I then drove back to Monroe, arriving about 10:30 pm.

I actually left on my trip on Friday morning, stopped at Concordia Parish Library to set up a program there, then drove on to Nichol’s University in Thibodeaux.  There I sold a book to the college library, helped the college bookstore there place an order for some of my books, and was interviewed by Felicia Harry of the Journalism Department. She is writing a feature article about my writing that will be in either the Courier or the Comet newspapers.  One paper is for Thibodeaux and the other for Houma. I was also contacted by Channel 6 in New Orleans and a possible appearance on their morning show was suggested.  I met with the Thibodeaux library staff about a program there, then I drove to Assumption Parish and spent the night with my friends there.

Today, I have a Scottish Society meeting at 2:30 pm, and more work to do than I can possibly accomplish. I now only have two weekends between now and Christmas that are not fully booked for signings or author appearances. It was pleasant and cool this morning, with the taste of fall in the air. I love the summer, but I think I needed this change. It certainly made sitting for 8 hours outside in the French quarter selling books much more bearable and traveling in good weather is much safer and bearable than driving in the rain.  Today, I’m grateful for my health, my few friends, and the chance to be a full-time writer.