Saturday Signings: Delta Kappa Gamma & Northeast Louisiana Celtic Festival

Yesterday, I was so busy I didn’t have time to make a post.  I did two presentations at a Northeast Louisiana district meeting of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, a professional honor society for women educators. There were about 50 present at the Learning Tech facility in Monroe, all high-powered, influential, and really cool ladies. I presented the Jim Limber story and performed some songs with my guitar. It was a great morning and interest in my program for schools and in my children’s book was high. During their lunch, I also played backup guitar for a young, self-taught banjo player, Luke Powell. You can learn more about this impressive Louisiana state branch of this society here:

From DKG, I went to the Northeast Louisiana Celtic Festival and set up a table to sign and sell some books there. Again, I found great interest in my book, and I sold all I had brought with me. I’m going back for another round this afternoon. Attendance was high. I also was able to visit with several nationally prominent musician friends of mine including Jed Marum, Michael Harrison, Jeffrey Phillips, and members of Smithfield Fair.  As traffic at my table was good, I was unable to stroll around much, but after my books were gone I did manage to hear Need Fire perform. From the festival, we did our usual ritual and went to Enoch’s for the post-festival party.  I’ll post some photos of the festival soon, as well as the article I wrote for the festival that was featured in the festival brochure.