Rowan of the Wood: A Bit of Magic in Bedford

At the Bedford Celtic Heritage Festival last weekend, I met Christine and Ethan Rose, authors of a new book, Rowan of the Wood (Dalton Publishing).  They were also vendors at the festival (I intended to purchase one of their magic wands) and as you can see in the photo below, were in great costume. I wish them all the success in the world.  Like me, they do school programs, teach writing workshops, and have a very busy book-signing and appearance schedule. On their website you can read an excerpt of the book and learn much more about them. You can find that site here: The first page of their site says:

Visit our fun page for activities and trivia! Download Rowan of the Wood Wallpaper & learn about the Ogham writing Cullen finds on the tree. Find the hidden runes on the book cover. Read about the history of the Picts and Druids! Learn how to write secret notes to your friends with an ancient alphabet! And more!

They have videos and more, so if you enjoy fantasy stories and cool storytellers, you should check them out.