Return from Weekend Signings

Ay, me. I’ve just returned from my weekend of signings. Friday, I went to Bienville Public Library in Arcadia, visited with several ladies of the Literary Society there and with Harold A. Talbert, an Arcadia resident who is SO KNOWLEDGEABLE, and so full of stories of the area. He and I must have talked nearly an hour. From Arcadia, I went to the Barnes and Noble in Shreveport where I had another sell-out of all my books they had in the store. I spent the night in Shreveport, and then drove to Baton Rouge to the Sam’s Club there and had another good signing. Of course, then I made the trek back to Monroe. I’ve managed to stay off the cigs. The drive time is the hardest for me, but I suppose that’s just another habit. While I was waiting for my time slot at Sam’s, I did set up a signing at the Books-A-Million there in Baton Rouge for Sat. Jan. 12, and maybe another new BAM on Sun. the 13th. I’ll keep you posted. Below are two photos of store workers from the Barnes and Noble Signing in Shreveport. The two workers here were most helpful to me the whole evening and I promised I’d put them on my blog. The first is Lisa, and the second is Stevie.

Lisa: Barnes and Noble Shreveport 07

Stevie: B arns and Noble Shreveport 07