Return from Thibodaux, Louisiana Book Signing

I had a long but fruitful day. I left the house before 6 am and just returned home (about 8 pm). The signing at Cherry Books went well. I signed my Jim Limber Book and for the first time at a bookstore, the recently Pelican published, Stories of the Confederate South. I met so many cool people today: Teresa Fruchey, the manager; Charlotte LaRue, a reputable writer of romance and mystery novels; Robert Sims and his family (Robert works with the University of New Orleans. I signed a book for his bright and beautiful daughter, Amanda); Woody and Susie Falgoust, the owners of the bookstore, and so many others (including members of KA, a college fraternity that wants to book me for a speaker/entertainment).

At the bookstore, I did a reading from my children’s book for the kids and also played my guitar and sang some songs. This store will definitely be a place I’ll return to. In case you missed my earlier entry about the store, go to this link:

On the way home, I stopped at Laura Plantation (Creole), outside of Vacherie, and talked to them about including my book in their store.  God blessed me with beautiful weather today, and as I traveled I listened to a book on tape, which I nearly finished and  I’ll comment on later.

I can tell it’s the Christmas season. Traveling as I do in the dark so often (both literally and metaphorically), I’m seeing beautiful holiday lights. Yesterday in Ft. Worth, I saw a giant air-filled Santa, with his arms extended in an almost Messianic pose.  Today, I saw two inflatable Santas on 4-wheelers. I wonder if Yankees would have appreciated that sight.

I love this gypsy writing life.

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