Return from Lafayette & Teaching the Civil War


Friday evening, I met with other contacts, including Jimmy and Thomas, the owner and manager of the Mason-Dixon store in Jefferson, Texas. They were very interested in my books and we are planning a signing/program there in the near future. It was a very good day for personal sales as I sold every book I had with me.

Saturday morning I drove from Marshall, Texas to the Sam’s Club in Lafayette, Louisiana. This was a quick sell-out, and a very enjoyable signing. I was so busy that I forgot to take any photos! The events manager, Maggie, was very pleased at the success of the event. I arrived home late last night, slept late, and as usual on Sundays, was on the run as soon as my feet hit the floor, catching up on business, and preparing for the week. I have a SCV Christmas party to perform for tomorrow night in Eldorado. If I can catch up on chores and tasks, I may go early enough to visit some schools and libraries there. Tuesday night, I have another SCV party here in West Monroe. Thursday, I’ll be in Vidalia, Louisiana presenting a historical/Christmas program there. It should be a lot of fun. Saturday, I’m scheduled to be at the Sam’s Club in Shreveport.


Books about the Civil War continue to be churned out. I think the War Between the States must be one of the most popular topics to write about. Through the years, I