Return from Alexandria, Louisiana

Yesterday, my signing at the Waldenbooks at the mall in Alexandria went very well. I sold many copies of my three books–Red River Fever, Stories of the Confederate South, and Jim Limber Davis: A Black Orphan in the Confederate White House. I also set up programs with at least three schools. Alexandria seems like a prosperous area–at least in comparison with Monroe, Louisiana, where I live. Banks and his Yankee invaders had ravaged and burned Alexandria when they came through there during the Civil War, but the area seems to have regained its prosperity. Pam and the other managers of Waldenbooks are super people. Today, I’m off to the Sam’s Club in Monroe for a signing there, and then driving to Oklahoma to pick up my parents for the Christmas holidays. Here is a photo of myself with two of the Waldenbooks workers. Nicole is on my right and Mallory on my left.