Return from Alba, Now to Baton Rouge

I just returned from a wonderful day at Alba-Golden ISD. I presented about eight programs. Some of the classes and teachers were in costumes. As usual, the students were full of questions and they really got into the program. The girls especially love the “Language of the Fan” portion of the  program. Tomorrow, I must drive to Baton Rouge, for the Hollydays of the Junior League. There, I’m scheduled to sign books and play my guitar some.  You can read about Holllydays, Louisiana’s largest holiday market in Baton Rouge here:

After working there from 10 a.m. till 5 p.m., I have a party to attend and also play at in Assumption Parish. Will be a busy day. Teaching these online classes for Virginia College is keeping me very busy. Add to that my college classes at Delta and ULM, my band, my programs, work on my house–it hurts my head to think of all that needs to be done. I’ll try to do a post tomorrow about the Hollydays.