Radio Interview

Today, I was interviewed on 540 AM Talk Radio by Bob Teague and Corey Crowe. The interview was conducted at 5:30 pm, prime drive time. I found the pair to be sharp, lively, funny, and skillful interviewers.  I am constantly amazed as to how the Jim Limber story affects people.  In New Orleans, many people who stopped at my table asked, “You’re talking of Jefferson Davis, the President of the Confederacy?”  And I said, “Yes.”  The irony of the first presidential family in America to have a black member is not missed by many.  This story is of course in contrast to any story of the other president during that Civil War, Lincoln, who had no love for black Americans and wanted to send all the blacks here in America to Liberia and other places.

I have an MP3 recording of the interview that I’ll send you if you write me and request it. My email is