Quotes from Slow Burn . . .

I’ve always been fascinated by the desert and other desolate places. My father (who grew up in the Badlands of West Texas) couldn’t understand my love of desert places (which he hated) where everything either blisters, bites, cuts, or poisons you.

I once viewed a movie entitled, Slow Burn–a tale of lust, greed, and betrayal–that was set in the desert of Northern Mexico. There are some fantastic desert shots, and the film begins with what looks like 35 millimeter footage with a sepia tone. The film was written and directed by Christian Ford and stars Minnie Driver and James Spader. The best quotes of the movie are near the beginning. I could not find a transcript of the film anywhere, so if I made a mistake on my transcription, you have my apologies.

“The humidity’s about 6 degrees. That means it takes four quarts of water a day to just sweat. If you run dry, your blood gets thick, your tongue turns hard, and you’re dead in nineteen hours.”

“Of all the ways this desert test you, the most dangerous is the mirage. In those shimmering, sparkling depths you see whatever you want–water, wealth, dreams. That’s the promise, and that’s the curse.”

“Some dreams die hard. And somewhere in this desert, under that burning eye, there’s always another dreamer.”

slow burn

Here is a photo of a northern Mexico desert:


I found the photo here:

Memorial Day:

I had a grand time playing my guitar and singing at the Blue Star Mothers’ Memorial Day event in Kiroli Park in Monroe. What a great crowd!  And at least twice as large as last year’s.  I stopped at the Texas rest area at the border and went ahead and posted this today as I was unsure of whether I’d be able to post tomorrow. How cool of Texas to have wireless at rest stops. Louisiana should take a lesson. Until Wednesday then . . .