Pulpwood Queens Girlfriend Weekend 2007

I just returned from Kathy Patrick’s Girlfriend Weekend, held at the Marshall, a historic and restored hotel in Marshall, Texas. Kathy, who has been a friend for a few years now, was kind enough to invite me and allow me to promote my newest book, Stories of the Confederate South. Truly, this was one of the best weekends of my life. I’m going to have a few entries on this event, but in short summary: I met many of the coolest authors I’ve ever met; made a list of books to read, a list probably longer than I can get to in the next year; made new friends, ran into old friends, set up future speaking and reading engagements, and learned much about writing.

Saturday, the first full day of the conference, I sold and signed books from my assigned table and heard many fine writer speeches from where I was sitting. While in my corner, I met many of the Pulp Wood Queens, some of whom remembered me from my first visit to Kathy Patrick’s Girlfriend Weekend a few years ago. That night, I went to the Pulpwood Queen’s “Hair Ball.” It was a costume affair held at Marshall Visual Arts Center, and of course I went as a Confederate soldier. I was very fortunate: A most beautiful girl was there in a Southern Belle dress, and of course, as I was the only Confederate soldier present, we danced together. Lucky me! I’ll post the link so you can see the photos taken of the ball. Those who came to the ball really got into the theme: “The Pulpwood Queens Go Hollywood.” Some really funny and some really eye-popping sexy costumes (including the Scarlet I danced with) were seen.

This was a great event–promoting authors, promoting literacy, promoting books, and greatly inspiring to me as a writer. The Dallas Morning News, Southern Living, the Marshall News Messenger, and many other media were there. If only I could attend something like this every week. Life would be good.