President’s Day

Well, though we had President’s Day off, Bastrop High School teachers and students had to return today. I think everyone south of us had Mardi-Gras time off, but alas, we did not. I think that neither the students nor the teachers were ready to return today. However, I gave it my best effort, and once again tried to defeat the powers of ignorance and darkness, but my enemies are mighty. There were also many students out today.

First period, we worked on Melville’s Billy Bud; in 2nd and 3rd, we worked on Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story, “Young Goodman Brown.” I really enjoy this story. Someday, I’m going to produce a movie of it. 4th period met with an Air Force recruiter, and in 5th and 7th periods we worked on preparing for the GEE, which is coming up in March.

I have a busy week ahead: Thursday, I begin the Civil War in Louisiana series at the Winnsboro Library, and Friday, I’m to make a Jim Limber Davis presenation at J.S. Clark Magnet school in Monroe. Saturday, I have a “technology” workshop to attend, and all kinds of editing and writing projects I need to get to. It’s enough to make a sane man lose his mind, not that I’m too sane. Yet, in spite of my busy schedule today, I was still able to write three poems. That made the whole day worthwhile.

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  1. Joel – Kristin is right! Lucas, these photos are great! All my fridens and family have been telling me how good of a job you did. Thanks so much, and I can’t wait to see the full set!

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