Poetry in Gray: A Collection of Poems by Lisa Michele Briggs Reed

I’ve judged a poetry contest for the past two years for the United Daughters of the Confederacy. The entries were numbered and nameless and yet both years I chose the poetry of Lisa Reed as the first place winner. I finally met her at a Lee-Jackson Banquet I spoke at last January. Her collection of Southern poetry is entitled Poetry in Gray. After reading her book this week, I decided that the poetry of this beautiful and talented lady needed to be shared. She has her collection divided topically. Her poetry is thoughtful and reflects her love of history, her passion for the South, and is illustrated with a few photographs. If you like Confederate poetry, you will love the poetry of Lisa Reed. I’m thinking of putting a few of her poems to music myself. To order her book, or to ask her questions about her poetry, drop her an email at: Michelemonet@camtel.net

Here is a sample of her poetry, entitled “Before the War”:

Before the war, our simple lives

entwined around simple things,

as the slender vine entwines itself

and nestles to the tree–

protected from the burning sun

and the drying winds.

The aftermath, brought weeds of war

entangled in reconstruction,

and the tender vine lay dormant then,

deep-rooted in the soil . . .

protected from the Northern chill,

in time she will sprout again.