Pittman Book News from the Ozarks

Saturday, I was at the Rapides Parish Library. Here is a photo of me at the Kent House Plantation on Bayou Rapides Road in Alexandria where I’ll be performing as a musician in the future. Following that is a grave on the grounds of a fellow in the 12th Louisiana, a unit I have reenacted with.

Tonight, I’m in Paris, Arkansas at the Cottage on the Creek Bed & Bath. I just finished a program for the parents and teachers at the middle school, and tomorrow I have a very full day with the elementary school students.  I’ll be presenting Civil War programs and Scots-Irish programs. Tomorrow, I’ll be on my way back to east Texas for my program at Harleton, then on to Houston where I’ll be storytelling on Saturday and Sunday and Monday at the Heather & Thistle Organization.

Paris is such an interesting area.  Here are some photos I took today with my iPhone.  First is the Logan County Museum. It used to be the jail here. Male prisoners were upstairs in the left hand side and women prisoners downstairs, while the jailers and their families lived in the right side of the building. Next to the building is the gallows. The last hanging in Arkansas took place here, July 15, 1914.  His name was Arthur Tillman.

Believe it nor, evidently the Vikings came to Arkansas. Here is a rune stone that’s been translated. When translated the runes say, Nov. 12, 1011. Unbelievable–the Vikings found Arkansas?

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  1. The Vikings in Arkansas? That’s crazy! I suppose though, it’s no more crazy than the Akkadians coming to Louisiana.

    I hope you’re doing well.

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