Parents’ 60th Wedding Anniversary Tomorrow

I did my research on my play I’m working on today, but I also composed this little diddy to honor my parents who will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary tomorrow. I’m going to surprise them by singing this song at the country show they go to every month in Hendrix, Oklahoma (they call them opries in the small towns). The song is to the tune of “The Beverly Hillbillies.”

Ballad of Jessie & Gene

Let me tell you a story about Jessie and Gene
Cutest little couple, the world has ever seen,
Gene took one look at the girl of 14,
And said I think she’s the woman for me.

Marry’em young and you can train them right.
Child bride, a country girl.

The 1st time she saw Gene he wore a uniform,
Just back from Alaska and taking time to roam,
Traveled to Bonham to visit an old friend,
Had no idea what lay in store for him.

I’ll leave this one to your imagination.

They moved to West Texas, Gene tried the farming life,
He was really proud of his young and pretty wife,
They lived in a barn that was cold and rather rough,
Finally he said, of this farming I’ve had enough.

Moved to Dallas
Lots of cars there, real jobs.

Gene drove busses and Jessie cut some hair,
Had two little boys they started raising there,
Then Gene looked up at the planes in the sky,
Decided to give American Airlines a try.

Good benefits,
Fleet service,

When Gene retired, he got a nice pension,
Moved out of Dallas to escape the city tension,
Went to Hawaii and saw some hula girls,
Jessie didn’t like them, she said they had no curls.
Hair as straight as those grass skirts,
Lots of curls in the Pittman family.

Now they live in a little town called Kemp,
After 60 years of marriage, today’s a great event,
They still love each other just like they always done,
And they still put up with their crazy long-haired son,

Always a hippie sort that boy,
Gene would sure like to cut off that shaggy hair,

You folks come and see them tomorrow afternoon,
At their house on Peanut Trail, They’ve got lots of room,
Wish them love, health and happiness,
The house will be clean if their son don’t make a mess.

Always had to watch that boy,
Lots of treats and snacks waitin’ for you

Ya’ll come back now, you hear?