Parent Teacher Day

Today, we had our parent teacher day at Bastrop High School in Morehouse Parish in Northeast Louisiana. The hours were from 10:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. I enjoyed it actually, for the late start allowed me to accomplish some chores in the morning, and sitting in our school’s cafeteria allowed me to get some writing done. I read a good bit, then wrote a chapter for my western novel (about 1200 words worth). The day actually seemed to fly by. I did meet with several parents of my students, discussing grades, but as usual, there aren’t enough parents concerned about their children. A few of these meetings were really upbeat, as the grades were good, others were less upbeat and we talked of how the student might improve or turn around their grades. Nevertheless, coming home so late, I feel wiped out. I’ve written some poems tonight, but am fast wearing out. I’ve got books to read! My schedule is in high gear this next week, and I’m feeling that pressure too. But as usual, when I have time like this to just sit and think, I did have some great ideas for stories. Wish me luck.