Original Song #9: “Look How Lonely”

Here are the lyrics to song #9 for my CD of original songs. The melody and chords I had written years ago, but the lyrics only tonight. I’m excited! Only one more song for my first CD of original music.

“Look How Lonely”: A Song by Rickey E. Pittman

Verse 1
I guess we didn’t think the worst could happen,
I guess we didn’t think we’d bleed,
We put our hearts on the line,
Thinking love would not be denied,
Now look how lonely we can be.

Verse 2
Something’s broken now inside me.
Something that no one else can see,
Yours was a love I threw away,
Nothing left now for me to say,
But look how lonely, I can be.

Verse 3
I’m not looking for easy answers,
I’m not looking for your return,
I just hope before my dying day,
That maybe I’ll hear you say,
Without you how lonely I can be.

Verse 4
If I knew my world would end tomorrow,
Tonight, I’d find you and I’d say,
You were the one and only love,
The one I’m still dreaming of,
And look how lonely a man can be.

Verse 5
I tried to drown you in my memory,
But pills and whisky don’t ease the pain,
Your goodbye was a knife,
That cut the chord binding our lives,
Now look how lonely we can be.

Without you, there’ll never be a me.