On to Fort Worth!

Tomorrow, I’ll be presenting a program at the Region XI Library & Media Services for their annual Library Harvest event. You can read about the event and see the schedule here: I will also set up school and library programs and sign some books. There’s a good chance I might be able to provide some entertainment as well. I’ll have my guitar with me at any rate. I’ll be back to Monroe Friday night as I must be at Teresa Gordan’s Daily Harvest Bakery and Deli bright and early Saturday to do some guitar /vocals there for her special event. She’ll be presenting her new cookbook (that I edited) and signing them. Should be a grand day.

Here is a photo of me in my little story-telling tent at the Jackson Celtic Festival. It was taken by a friend, Dr. Mack Barham. Mack is a reader, a known photographer, and is a committed patron of the arts in Northeast Louisiana. I taught his son in junior high reading class and I was also his soccer coach. I can tell by the chord I’m making that I’m doing Leonard Cohen’s song, “Hallelujah.” That song is a favorite of kids and adults both. I believe the song’s popularity is a result of the Shrek movie.

storytelling jackson ms