On This Date . . .

As I’m leaving for Quitman, Texas ISD in just a minute, today’s entry will be short. According to my Civil War Calendar, Joseph Shelby (interesting name as that is my daughter’s married name now) traveled to Mexico rather than surrender to the Union at the end of the War. He was appointed United State Marshal for the Western District of Missouri, Feb. 21, 1894.  Maximilian had given the Rebels land for an American colony in Mexico.  I know that other Confederates went to Brazil, and others to England. I may be pointing out the obvious, but war makes us reevaluate many things. I wonder how the war in Iraq will change American perspectives in the future?


I’ve decided to look into the role and work of saints occasionally. I’m especially interested in patron saints.

According to my book of saints, “Michael is, with George, a patron saint of soldiers, and also amusingly, of grocers on account of the scales that he holds to weigh the souls of the dead” (in paintings).