Notes from Hallsville, TX

These East Texas schools keep surprising me. I had a WONDERFUL day with the 8th Graders at Hallsville Jr. High. These kids are sharp, civilized, polite, and eager to learn new things. This has to be because of the fantastic teachers here. A few of the 8th grade teachers and I gathered at Papacita’s, a Mexican restaurant in Longview where my lodging is. Here is a photo of Mary Beth, Rachel, Melissa, Margaret, and myself after our meal.


Librarians continue to be my favorite people, and Terri Nalls has a fantastic library. In tomorrow’s post I  need to tell you more about her program, and especially her co-workers, Sarah Roberts (one of the most committed librarians I’ve ever met) and Tom Campitillo who is a parent who volunteers to work in the library. And I must mention her very diligent student workers.  Meeting them, I am convinced that students who WANT to work in a library will be on the sharper side of the human race.

With librarians who believe in the power of books, librarians like Terri, these young readers will be sure to grow intellectually and emotionally.  Tomorrow, I have another day with the 8th graders at the school, again presenting my Civil War program. More later then. Make music, make peace, make the world a better place.