Northeast LA Technology Fair

Today, I attend the Northeast Louisiana Technology Fair at Franklin Parish High School, sponsored by Enhancing Education Through Technology, Region 8 LACUE. It made for a long day (starting at 8 a.m.) after a very busy week, but just hearing the keynote speakers made it worthwhile–even if it did eat up my Saturday. The event featured Elliot Soloway and Cathleen Norris as keynote speakers. Attendance was excellent–the place was packed actually.

I enjoyed the presentations, for I understand how important technology is as a tool of education, yet the day also slightly depressed me. Hearing all the benefits (many were common sense thoughts) of mobile computing for students was exciting, but it depressed me thinking of how I could even pitch such an idea to administrators in a parish that won’t even allow me to use a cell phone for gifted IEP business or any other school-related needs if students are present. All electronic items are verbotten at this time for students anyway. Perhaps our parish will someday rethink these issues and catch up with those schools in our nation who are making progress in such matters and study the ideas of educators like Soloway and Norris. These excellent speakers pointed out how technology can mobilize the curriculum and how with the emergence of low-cost, mobile technologies, it is not possible that each and every child will have his/her own personal computing device. Exciting! Overall, I thought today’s program very practical and thought provoking.

A tornado warning has been given for our area this afternoon. Evidently there is a very nasty storm headed our way. I wanted to get this post up before it reached us. At the first sound of thunder or sight of lightning, I’ll unplug my computers, as a lightning storm last year fried my iMac last year. I couldn’t bear for that to happen to my beloved iBook. My whole life and writing career’s in it. Okay, I know–it’s time for me to make sure I have sufficient backup.