New School Booking

Today, I booked a program with Cypress Point Elementary School in Monroe, LA. The librarian, Ms. Jackie Ford, also purchased two copies through the school. That program will be Dec. 6. I also took a load of books to Geneva Academy, a great private school here in Monroe. The rest of the day has been spent with book business related tasks. Boring stuff, but it has to be done.

Here so little now, I find I have more and more chores to do around the house. I especially need to clean and organize my office. I’ve got tons of paper stuff to cull through, file, or throw away. Magazines and books that need to be shelved correctly. Some piles of junk items that need to go. If I haven’t used it in three years, I suppose I never will, so they are dispensable. I need to have a yard sale, but that takes time too. Like I said, boring stuff. We’ve got a nice large and older house, and if I could put in the time and work and expense it needs, it would look first class. But, since I’m still working in a survival mentality with my new career as a full-time writer, the fixing up of the house will have to wait.

I love Halloween, though I missed all the local parties this year due to weariness and my self-imposed hyper-extended schedule. I hope some good horror movies are on tonight and tomorrow. Nothing like blood and gore and psychological horror on Halloween to lift the spirits. My favorite in the past was an hour of 60-second horror movies. I want to make a few of those before I die, and I’ve already started some scripts for them. The idea of a film using a minute’s scene of total horror seems so cool. I plan on doing a search of some 60 second films on the Web later tonight.

To post something worth reading, I decided to post a Halloween poem I wrote last year.


The moon is waxing full on
Our first Halloween,
It’s supposed to be a frightening night,
But now it’s only beautiful.

Since I was a child,
I’ve always felt the night’s
Magic, mystery, and madness,
But, this year,
Knowing and having you
Made me see its full power.
This night, the lines between the
Living and the Dead are thin,
One sees things he couldn’t before,
The two realms merge.

I see how tightly our hearts are joined,
How, you had saved me from the
Dark side of this day,
From a drunken, tales of
The crypt type life,
In which I felt as lonely as
Frankenstein’s creature.
We really are like two
Characters in Gothic fiction.

I wish we were sitting together,
Eating popcorn and
Watching horror movies,
Clutching each other,
And talking of the films
We watched as children.
I woke nearly every hour
Last night, thinking of you.
And all day, I’ll think of
My little witch who has
Not ceased to work her magic
Since I first really saw her.