Nancy Griffith Chords and Lyrics: “Once in a Very Blue Moon”

The moon is alluded to, used as a symbol, and reverenced in mythology, literature, and music. One usage is that of the Blue Moon. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, a Blue moon happens “whenever two full Moons appeared in a single month (which happens on average every 2 1/2 to 3 years), the second has been christened a “Blue Moon.” In our lexicon, we describe an unusual event as happening “Once in a Blue Moon.”

2 thoughts on “Nancy Griffith Chords and Lyrics: “Once in a Very Blue Moon”

  1. From the time I heard her voice on Austin City Limits in the 80s, Nanci Griffith has been one of my favorites, one of the few whose entire discography resides on my shelf and gets played fairly regularly. Her music covers the human situations, soothes, asks, explains and laughs, once in a while fills the eyes with tears, then encourges. Whether by herself or with the Blue Moon Orchestra, she’s worth going to see; all her albums are great. The people on her fan email list are ‘the nicest people on the Net’, as it’s been said a few times. Good choice, sir, to spotlight “our aNGel”.

  2. I like your analysis and mannner of speaking, thank you for this interesting ticcket, it s always nice to visit this beautiful blog 🙂

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