My Scots-Irish Program for Schools and Other News

What I’m Reading: A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini.  I read about 80 pages last night before the powers of darkness overpowered me and I fell asleep. This book was a gift from my daughter. (I’m so glad I raised a reader!) Of course, I must also read Hosseini’s The Kite Runner.  My friend Michele, an extremely talented, Gifted English teacher in Assumption Parish, said she’d soon give me a report on the book and the movie.

School Programs:  My calendar (see my personal website, is filling up fast with signings at bookstores, programs at schools and libraries, and with other events. I’m working on several new programs to do, including one for Texas about Juan Seguin, one about Hank Williams (for arts schools perhaps), and one on the Scots-Irish in America. The Scots-Irish in America program is the one I hope to begin as early as March, in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day.

1. I will be costumed (in my kilt)

2. I will have a show and tell table that so far has Scottish/Irish flags, peat, tartans, Celtic cross, as well as photos of claymores, bagpipes (both Irish and Highland) heather, thistle, and William Wallace.

3. With guitar and vocals, I will perform Scottish or Irish music. I’m currently working on my song list, which will vary according to age group in the schools,  but it will include songs about Scottish and Irish history, St. Patrick, war, immigration, mythology, and love songs.

4. If the program is extended, I’ll show my young scholars how to make their own children’s book in a creative writing exercise or read/write about some of the Scottish, Welsh, and Irish writers I hope to introduce to them.

In short, this program will be packed with information and activities!

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