More Thoughts on Confucius

Many times I feel the material taught to students is a waste because they don’t get it or they don’t retain it. After my introductory lesson on Confucius yesterday, I had my students read Canto XIII by Ezra Pound. I then told them to use their notes and identify the teachings of Confucius in the various lines of the poem, and they were to write about a page on this topic. Most did so successfully. Once again, I am reminded why I continue to teach Canto XIII.

Some fights broke out today. This is a common problem in high school I suppose, but I was still surprised. I wonder how kids who are so apathetic about education and improvement and their future have anything inside them they feel passionate enough to fight about. I wish they would be so aggressive in areas of life that would be of benefit.

This poem reminds me of the many student