Moodle & Mac’s

Today’s post is a short one and is centered on computer/technical issues. My MAC iBook is now three years old. Hopefully, it will last three more. I travel everywhere with it, and as a big hunk of my income comes from the online college classes I’m teaching, I’m constantly trying to sharpen my computer and technical skills, and I feel like I’m learning something new every day. I’ve been trained to use ANGEL, eCollege, and now am using Moodle. I have Comcast cable at home with a Netgear Wireless setup. I’m thinking of getting the AT&T wireless setup (good anywhere you can get a good cell signal), but I have not talked to a fellow MAC user to evaluate its effectiveness.

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  1. Thanks for the information on Moodle. I think you know that Union Parish was one of the first to switch, several years ago, from Blackboard to Moodle…I think it’s still free to school systems and Blackboard costs BIG bucks! Since my job entails moving from school to school within our parish Moodle allows a great way for my gifted students to interact with each other, besides on our field trips that is!

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