Monday: Early Morning Thoughts

It looks like I’m back to my early morning writing and writing work schedule. I was most fruitful when I did that, and I’m going to try to hold to it. I rose at 4:00 a.m. and was at KTVE, Channel 10 by 5:30 for my TV interview with Angela Cruz.  Betty Neatherly, the librarian of the Ouachita Valley Library was also with me. She is hosting the Book Talks for the library. The interview went very well. The library is located at 581 McMillan Road, West Monroe, LA 71294 and their phone is (318) 327-1471.  The program is schedule to begin at 6:00.

Last night, I finished editing Angelic Upstarts, a novel by Eric Chapman. In genre, it is a Utopian novel, with a unique African-American focus. I’ve honestly never seen anything like it. Chapman is a skilled writer, and he provides sharp insights into both Black and White American culture, asking and addressing many of the questions related to race that many are afraid to ask.  In the tradition of the Dystopian and Utopian novelists, he  looks into the future and asks  relevant “What if . . .” questions.  I think his novel has the potential  of stirring thought and  motivating individuals, especially African-American readers.  Chapman’s novel is a philosophical, rich in historical allusions, and generally a  heady read. At 600 plus pages, it is not one for the faint of heart, but if you like to think, this uniquely structured novel will open your mind.