Mobile, Alabama

I’ve been doing more research on Mobile, Alabama. It seemed like such a romantic city that it inspired me to write this song-poem. It’s hard for me to write songs: I don’t know whether to write the melody or the lyrics first. In this case, the lyrics came first. Here they are.

A full moon tonight in Mobile Bay,
You’ve only been gone a single day,
I hope you’re happy there,
That your heart is free of care,
That it’s the city you need,
That you’ll think of me
When you see the moon in Mobile Bay.

In Mobile Bay the moon is full,
Can you feel like me its sad pull?
The moon’s veiled with her own doubt,
By a thin, sheer, gray sheet of cloud.
But love shines through the scrim,
Though you’re there with him,
With the full moon in Mobile Bay.

My ghost walks the old brick streets,
Where history was made and memories sleep,
Beneath the canopies of live oak trees,
I hear you breathe while you sleep,
I think of your kisses sweet,
Of the next time we’ll meet,
And the full moon in Mobile Bay.