Mickey Newbury Chords and Lyrics: “Genevieve”

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More Mickey Newbury Lyrics:

I’ve gotten good response from posting the lyrics of the talented songwriter, Mickey Newbury, so I decided to post another song of his that I want to add to my song list. It’s called Genevieve. Newbury writes some emotionally powerful lyrics.

Genevieve by Mickey Newbury

Genevieve, Genevieve
What does it all mean to you?
Genevieve, Genevieve
My heart is breaking in two,
Goodbye so long,
I will never be this hurt again,
Genevieve, Genevieve
See how the mornings begin.

Well wouldn’t it be nice,
If I could say what the hell it’s been fun.
But Genevieve, Genevieve,
Your leavin’ me leaves me undone.
So my old friend the highway,
I will cry on your shoulder again,
Oh Genevieve, Genevieve
Here’s where the story begins.

Laughing like a fool
‘Till I was no longer able to breathe
A broken down shell of a man
And his woman and me
Stopped at a café
They would not let us come in
Oh Genevieve, Genevieve
See how the madness begins.

Genevieve, Genevieve,
I just had to see you somehow,
Oh the years have been kind,
You were never as lovely as now,
Closing my eyes,
I can almost be with you again,
But Genevieve, Genevieve,
Here’s where the story will end.

3 thoughts on “Mickey Newbury Chords and Lyrics: “Genevieve”

  1. Mickey was one of the “great” song writers of our era. Unbelievable talent and mostly unheraled in his efforts, by the general public, they know the songs, but not the man….Thank you very much for posting the song which is one of his very best…..

  2. Milton ‘Mickey’ Newbury-first heard the man 1969-convinced the band his songs were worth playing-became a friend-got married,divorced ,married again and a Mickey Newbury song was always there.I’ve grown old with some of the best but Newbury was and still is Number One.

  3. The first song I ever heard by Mickey Newbury was Heaven Help The Child and I knew that I had discovered not only a great song-writer, but a man with such feeling in his voice, who sang so sincerely from his soul, that I would be a fan for life. That was in 1970 and I have just turned 69 and still listen to Mickey at least once a week. The greatest generally unknown singer/song-writer in the history of music.

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