Mayhaw Festival in Marion, Louisiana

This weekend I’m working at the Mayhaw Festival in Marion Louisiana. The festival began last night with a street dance. I shared a booth with the Elijah Ward Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Though my children’s book is now printed and I have my author copies, I do not have copies to sell yet, so I am just selling Red River Fever and Stories of the Confederate South at the Festival.  Hoping to spark conversation with folks about my book, the SCV, and the Scottish Society, I wore my kilt.
Did you know that Mayhaw jelly is the official state jelly of Louisiana? The berry is not desirable to eat raw, but it does make a delicious pie or jelly. Gathering mayhaws seems to be a laborious and  intensive task. You can read more about the Mayhaw here:

This morning I’m off to the festival again in just a few minutes. I’m going to march in Confederate uniform in the festival parade with the other members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and fire my musket for the South. After the parade, I’ll be selling books again. I’ll stay at the festival as long as there is traffic. Then tonight, I’ve agree to go to Enoch’s with Tom to hear Jeffrey Phillips, an Irish-American performer.