Mairtin DeCogain & Jimmy Crowley from Ireland

Tonight, Tom and I are going to Enoch’s to hear Mairtin DeCogain & Jimmy Crowley. I’m the designated driver tonight, so I’ll only be hitting the club soda and iced tea if they have it. I’m excited for the chance to hear this internationally known Irish performer. Mairtin is from County Cork, he plays with the Fuchsia band, and he is a two time national Irish story-telling chamption.

His CD Baby site says: Máirtín was found under a stone and brought up in a tree with many others! Of late he has been learning his trade from a little man named Larry the Leipreachán who is well learned in the ways of Éireann’s past. Mairtin is a singing, dancing, storytelling bodhrán player!!! If you’d like to hear music samples go to:

His personal MySpace site is 

Here is his band’s Web site:

Tomorrow, I’m on the road to Oklahoma to visit my parents until mid-day Monday, then from there I’ll drive to Abilene for my speaking appointment. That means I have much trip preparation to do today.