Lyrics for “Number 29 (The Rocket)” by Doug Spartz

My Americana cable station is slowly going to make me a poor man because of all the songs I order from iTunes. Yet, I know it’s helping me build a great songlist for my shows. I discovered yet another artist I wanted to feature on my blog—Doug Spartz. I was working on my online classes when I heard his song, “Number 29.” Now, I know Steve Earl has song called “Number 29” but this was different. As I listened to this song, I could feel the emotion packed into the lyrics and into the singing. I felt it would be a song I could work into my Memorial Day show I like to do for the Blue Star Mothers. It also made me think of all the symbolism behind the number 29. If you’d like to know more about that number go here: The lyrics are a transcription, so if you find a line that needs correction, please email me ( Doug Spartz is a tremendously talented musician. His website is one you should check out and you can find it here:

Lyrics for “Number 29 (The Rocket)” by Doug Spartz (Performer) Songwriter: Canadian, Fred Eaglesmith

Son, could you help me on this platform
I’m not too good climbing stairs
Brought me a drink and a sandwich
I wanted to just sit and watch the trains.

I come down here every single Sunday
My grandkids used to come here too
Now they drop me off at the front entry
I guess they’ve got better things to do.


Number 47 she’s a good one
Number 63 sings like a bird
Number 29, That’s the one they call the rocket
Hey, that’s the saddest train I’ve ever heard.

Son, I’m a decorated veteran
I fought what they all called the final war
I used to believe in everything that it stood for
I don’t believe in much anymore


Son, you look just like my Nathan
He stood here 40 years ago today
He looked so good in that brand new soldier’s uniform
But that rocket never brought him back again.


3 thoughts on “Lyrics for “Number 29 (The Rocket)” by Doug Spartz

  1. I first heard The Rocket in 2007 when at a bluegrass festival in Shelton,WA. It was being sung by the group,Prairie Flyer from Yacoma,WA. The song is a sad one,but also an inspiring one to the fact that it was written from the heart of the author,Doug Spartz. I bought their album with The Rocket on it.And now,I sing it every chance I get to all of our veterans,past present and future. I’m presently seeking permission to record it on my next album. I only sing it now at free jams. My pop,my brother and son are all veterans.
    I really love to sing that song!

  2. Our new 3/4 double bass player in the Miller Rd Band, Larry Bauman from Lansing, MI has been singing this song & teaching it 2 us. He heard it in Kendaville, In last year. We love it.

  3. This is a great song. Thank you Doug. It’s on the short list for our next recording and we’ll be playing it a lot for Remembrance Day (Canada’s Veterans Day)

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