Lesson #3: Stories of the Confederate South

LESSON #3   “Jasmine”

Setting: New Orleans after it’s been captured and occupied by Federal forces.

Helpful Study Aids Attached:  (Because they would have taken too much space the blog, I’ve not included them, but if you write me <rickeyp@bayou.com> I’ll gladly mail you the pictures)

Map of Civil War New Orleans
Butler Chamber Pot
Map of Camp Ford
General Order  28

Study Questions and Topics:

1. Research the 6th Louisiana. They were known as the Fighting Tigers.
2. Frederick was from Jack County, Texas and was a Federal soldier.  Two thousand Texan men fought with the Union Army during the War Between the States. Some parts of Texas were against secession.
3. Research burial customs in Louisiana There is an indirect reference showing why New Orleans (and much of South Louisiana) uses above ground crypts and tombs.
4. Research General Order 28 and discuss how it affected New Orleans and how the citizens responded to it.
5. Frederick had spent time in Camp Ford in Tyler, Texas. Research this prison camp and create an illustrated map or model of the camp. The site of the camp is located just off Highway 271 outside of Tyler Texas.
6. Research Benjamin Franklin Butler, known as “The Beast.”  Discuss why he was so despised.

Special Vocabulary:

1. Tafia – a low grade rum made of sugar cane.
2. Vieux Carré – the French Quarter
Texas in the Civil War: You can see details of an excellent Civil War exhibit at the Old Red Museum here: