Jefferson, Texas, Continued

Today, I marched in the Pilgrimage Day Parade with the Confederates and  played my guitar the rest of the afternoon at Kathy Patrick’s Hair Salon.  At about 2:00 pm, I packed up and went to the battlefield on Tuscumbia Plantation. I was a Confederate soldier today. This was a well choreographed battle with live explosions on the battlefield. After the battle, I went for a burger at Auntie Skinner’s Tavern in Jefferson. It was there I met these three of Wheat’s Louisiana Tiger Zouaves–Larry Auld, Josh Taylor, and Jim Marrs.


Here is a photo of me while I was performing at Kathy Patrick’s Hair Salon.  The weather was perfect today. Actually, the morning began very cool!

playing guitar

Here are two photos of plaques mounted in front of a historical building in Jefferson.  Jefferson has so much history!



It’s hard to believe that 3 days have passed by so quickly.  Tomorrow, I’ll return to Monroe and attend the Northeast Louisiana Celtic Society at 2:00 pm. This society is  off to a great start! If you’re in the Monroe area, and if you have any Celtic ancestors or interest in Celtic things, you should be a member!