Jed Marum: Notes and Lyrics for “The Shenandoah’s Run”

The song featured in this post was written by Jed Marum and is on his CD, Cross Over the River.  The notes below are from Marum’s lyric book and are used by permission. Go to Marum’s website for more information.  You can also go here to see a picture of the Shenandoah and a good article that tells of its journey.

“The Shenandoah’s Run”

The CSS Shenandoah had a successful career sacking Union merchant and whaling ships, causing damage to US commerce late in the war. Unfortunately for the Shenandoah, her voyage extended several months beyond the fall of the Confederacy. Once they discovered that Richmond had fallen, the Shenandoah and her crew raced back to Liverpool England in order to surrender to the British, rather then risk Yankee wrath and possible hanging.

© Jed Marum 2006

A hundred miles beyond Cape Horn
Head up and through the gale
Now both sheets aft we spread our wings
Runnin’ on full sail

The South Atlantic welcomes us
Gentle as a bride
We set our course. This long last run
Ends on the Mersey side

CHO:The Shenandoah’s glory should bring
Honor down on Richmond
Her shining deeds at sea should light the way
But now a Yankee flag is blotting out the sun in Richmond
And shadows over all the SDA

Eleven months we hunted them
We drove them Yankees hard
Then Richmond fell and if we’re caught
They’ll hang us from the yard

Now pray for me my children dear
That we might find our way
To make our port in Liverpool
And back to you one day – CHO

And if the English set us free
I’m bound for Charleston Bay
Though it breaks my heart their flag to see
And hear those Yankees bray

But cheer, my son no tears I cried
For when this day is done
They can’t deny that Southern pride
And the Shenandoah’s run – CHO

Note: I play this song using a DADGAD tuning. The standard chords listed here are correct, but they do not have all the flavor of the DADGAD version. You can try suspending these chords by leaving the high F# off the D chord – the high G off the G chord and the middle E out of the C chord. Experiment; you’ll find some things that work!
Pittman Book Tour News

I had a grand time at the ARA (Arkansas Reading Association) in Little Rock. I found downtown Little Rock beautiful and the most navigable capital city I’ve ever driven in. I think some other cities could take a lesson. I stayed at the Wyndham hotel (thanks to my publisher) and the conference was in the State Convention Center.  I booked some schools for future programs and several others (including districts) expressed interest in my coming to their schools.  Today, I’ll be at the Ouachita Public Library at 2:00 p.m. for a Scottish program. Should be fun!