Irish Confederate Units During the War Between the States

As I prepared for the North Texas Irish Festival coming this weekend and for my program at McComb MS Public Library on Thursday, I was reading The Irish Brigade by Russ A Pritchard, Jr. and came upon a list of Irish units during the Confederacy and decided to publish it. If you know of any others, please send them my way and I’ll add them to this post.  I’m going to follow up this post with a listing of Federal Irish units.

Irish Battalion (1st Virginia Infantry Battalion, Provisional Army)

Irish Brigade, Company A (Company I, 6th Louisiana Infantry, the “Fighting Tigers”!)

Irish Brigade, Company B (Company F, 6th Louisiana Infantry)

Irish Jasper Greens (Company A, 1st Georgia Volunteers)

Irish Volunteer Guards (a company of the 8th Georgia Infantry)

Irish Volunteers, Company A (Company D, 1st Georgia Volunteers)

Irish Volunteers, Company B (Company E. 1st Georgia Volunteers)

Irish Volunteers (Company F 7th Louisiana Infantry)

Irish Volunteers (Company A, 1st Virginia Infantry Battalion, Provisional Army)

Irish Volunteers (Company C, 1st South Carolina Infantry Battalion)

Irish Volunteers (Company C, 19 Battalion Virginia Artillery)

Sons of Erin, 10th Tennessee Infantry

This is an incomplete listing, for I know the Confederate Army had a high percentage of Scots, Irish, and Scots-Irish in its rank.  These men are the stuff that legends and songs are made of.