Interred with Their Bones by Jennifer Lee Carrell: A Short Review

There are several impressive reviews of Jennifer Lee Carrell’s novel, Interred with Their Bones, but having completed a read (via audio-book with 12 CDs) I felt compelled to give the book a good endorsement. If you are interested at all in Shakespeare, if you love books, if you like a good mystery, if you are into the Elizabethan Age with its cyphers, criminals, politics, and theatre, you will love this book.  The story begins on the eve of the modern Globe’s production of Hamlet and takes the central character, Kate, on a literary treasure hunt that you will not soon forget. The novel reveals extensive research and the language is so carefully crafted that it is a delight to read.  The novel ends with notes from the author detailing her sources and ideas on the themes, events, and people of the novel. I intend to follow up by reading more of this author’s works.

According to the CD set cover, Carrell, the author holds a Ph.D. in English and American Literature from Harvard and is the author of The Speckled Monster: A Historical Tale of Battling Smallpox.  If addition to writing for Smithsonian magazine, Carrell has taught in the history and literature program at Harvard and directed Shakespeare for Harvard’s Hyperion Theatre Company. She lives in Tuscon, Arizona. To learn more of her, visit her website, here.

Part of the enjoyment of this audio book came from the wonderful reader selected, Kathleen McNenny. She is a skilled actor and audio-book performer. You can find her website and learn about her at her website:

I’ve to say that experiencing this book revived my interest in Shakespeare. I realize that there are reasons we consider him our greatest English author.