International Church of Christ

My first book of poetry was a self-published chapbook, Cracks in the Mirror: Experiences in the Boston Movement.  The old Boston Movement morphed into its current version, The International Church of Christ.  Surprisingly, my little book of poetry helped the many people who bought it and made me a little spending money.  This morning, I decided to post some of the responses to my first poetic effort:


Your book of verse on your experiences in the Boston Movement is the best thing I’ve yet seen on idealism degenerating into tyranny.  It’s the Orwellian nightmare of “Big Brother” all over again, and your vision of the experience is immediate and wrenching.  It’s the perfect work to give to a Boston Movement adherent, anyone tempted by rank legalism, or anyone who wants to know what it’s like to be caught in the web of
cultism.—Don Glover, Minister, Forsythe Avenue Church of Christ, Monroe, Louisiana.

I know your inspirations will help many in that healing process.  They certainly have helped me.—Emma Hodges, Former ICC member in Australia.

I want you to know ho much I appreciate your poetry.  My favorite is “The Butcher of White Plains,” because it is the most graphic of the brutality in the Boston Movement.  Your poems are so powerful. I can relate to them all.—Susan Irwin, Former Boston church member.

You don’t know me and you obviously would get tons of letters from people all over the world after they read your poems. I wanted to write and thank you for such an enjoyable reading of humor and memories.  You recall experiences of the movement so realistically—straight from the heart, to other hearts knowing exactly how you felt.—Angela Sanders, Former member ICC church in Australia.

My husband and I have recently read your book, Cracks in the Mirror.  We understand your pain and appreciate your coming forward with these powerful poems that express that pain in no other way we have yet seen.—Ann McDonald, Balls, Texas.