In Mount Plesant, Texas: Hastings Bookstore

I left my parents’ house at 7:30 this morning and just arrived at the Hastings Bookstore in Mount Pleasant. This is the first Hastings I’ve had a signing for. Nice staff. I just sat down and set up my table with a cup of their Hardback Café Coffee. They have wireless! I’m looking forward to my day here. After I finish up (i.e., sell all my books they ordered) I’ll be heading back to Louisiana.

I finished my signing at the Books-A-Million in Sherman about 9:30 pm last night. It was another sell-out–every book of mine in the store signed and sold.  I also set up a signing at the Grapevine BAM and another one at the Sherman BAM. I also set up one at a new bookstore in Thibodeaux, Cherry Books. One event coming up that looks like it will be a really big one will be at the Barnes and Noble in Mobile, Alabama, for their teacher appreciation night. I can’t wait! I’m dizzy with so much to do, but this is the work of a writer.