Illustrators for Children’s Books Wanted

I’m not giving up my adult writing, but I am now officially a children’s picture book author. (Likely, I’ll try my hand at young adult books also). I have two children’s picture books published with Pelican Publishing, and another as soon as they find an illustrator, which brings me to the point of my blog. If you know an artist, or if you are an artist, if you have done artwork for children’s books before, if you don’t mind the hard work and rewrites (in the artist case, re-draws) if you can do research to make your art factually actually accurate as well as beautiful, then you need to apply to Pelican Publishing.

1 thought on “Illustrators for Children’s Books Wanted

  1. Well, this is definitely intriguing. I’ll send my application/portfolio/etc to them this week. Hopefully it doesn’t involve too much scuffling down to LA?

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