Future Children’s Books

Pelican Publishing has asked me to write a children’s book about the mill workers of Roswell, GA. I don’t have a working title yet, but I’m nearly finished with the story. I’m also working hard on two other children’s books as well: Malcolm McCandlish, the Boy Who Brought the Thistle to America, and a Scottish ABC book.  Considering the Celtic Renaissance that’s taking place in America, those books should do very well.
Today was spent working with Teresa Gordon of Daily Harvest, a deli and bakery here in Monroe. I’m editing and formatting a cookbook for her. I’ve learned so much from her about healthy eating.  Her methods reminded me of how the ancient Egyptians made their bread. You can find more information about her and her bakery here: http://dailyharvestbakery.com/home.html.  I’m getting more editing and writing work every week. Looks like it will be a good year for me. God knows I need it.

I also decided to post a song, “The Waltz of St. Cecelia” by a Cajun band I like.  Their Website is here: http://www.angelusband.com/ As usual when I post a song’s lyrics, there are some memories attached.
The Waltz of St. Cecilia

by Katie, Paige, and Stephen Rees

He said, “I don’t know how,
Annie, I don’t know when,
God willing, my love,
I will hold you again.”

He sang as they danced
“Annie, I may be long.
Will you be waiting for me?”

“Then the children will sing,
The white dove will bring
A sweet olive flower
For your hair,

And your name on my lips
Will be my morning prayer,
Until again we dance the Waltz of St. Cecilia.”

Je connais pas comment
Et je connais pas equand
Mais s’il Bon Diue veut
Je vat te tien collais encore

Espérez sur moi: Et moi je te promis
Qu’on va danzer ensemble
Pour la balance de notre vie

Les enfants vont chanter
Une tourte blanche va t’amener
O’lvier de chine pour tes cheveux

Ton nom sur mes l’evres
Va d’étre ma priere du matin
Jusqu’a on danse, la valse de Ste. Cecilia.