Friday in Texas

Book Signing News: 

I spent Thursday with my parents in Kemp, Oklahoma, a small town in Indian Territory  with a rich history that I touched on in my novel, Red River Fever. I spent the day reading, writing an article a publisher requested, and editing a fascinating novel by Shane Lester. Then I began editing a wonderful book by Jeffrey Webber on the topic of how technology can enrich the lives of the retired. This book is needed and seems to be practical and an easy guide to follow.

This morning I set up a signing at the Hastings bookstore in Sherman, Texas for Saturday, Feb. 9.  I met with the manager of the Books-A-Million in Sherman also and made preparations for my signing at his store, tomorrow (Saturday, Dec. 29). I’m also scheduled to play my guitar for the kids that come to the store on Saturday morning. It should be a blast. I do know that I’ve sold out of my books every time I’ve done a signing there; consequently, it’s a store that will be on my permanent cycle of stores.  Then I drove to Grapevine and met with the Books-A-Million manager in Grapevine. His store is in the Grapevine Mills Mall. My signing there will be Sat. Feb. 2. I also met with the public librarians in Grapevine, Texas and scheduled two children’s events and one adult reading/signing this next year.  They have a fantastic facility.  I can tell that Grapevine is a VERY prosperous area, at least compared to my part of Louisiana. (Why do I keep saying statements like that?) In short,  I’ve had a very busy, but very productive day.