Friday Before the Storm

Today began warm. Now, I love, I mean I LOVE summer in the South. However, it became warmer when my air conditioner suddenly died. This is not so much a hardship on me–I can live fine with fans and open doors and windows. (We have an old house, so the windows are large, and all the doors have screens). However, family members and visitors would think of it as a sauna, while I would be thinking of the electricity bill I would be saving. So, I must purchase a new unit. It will be installed next weekend. Money I don’t really have to spare, but what are you going to do? I was going to take a road trip today, see a friend and try to stir up some business, but had to wait on the repairman who couldn’t get there till noon. I was not happy.
I went to Office Depot to get a new Day Timer, as my schedule for the next year is filling up so fast. From there, I decided I wanted coffee and a small Pellegrino. I’m at Starbucks as I write this post. At 2:00 I’m leaving as I need to hear my band, Angus Duhbghall, on World Stage on KEDM, our local public radio station. We played seven songs and the rest of the program is interview. Brad Shelton did a good job hosting the program, and he had excellent interview questions.

On my way now to listen to the program and pack for my very busy day tomorrow. In fact, it looks like I will have very few days off in the months ahead. But I like that, and the writing life is the live I love best and the one I’ve chosen now. Wish me luck.