First Blog Entry of 2008

Well, 2007, with its heartbreaks, nightmares, and yet its paradoxically beautiful and benchmark moments, has come and gone. Looking back through my files, I realized I had written a good amount of poetry this time last year. In fact, in contrast to this year, most of the writing I did last year was poetry. Now, 2008 is upon me, and there has been a shift to writing more fiction and nonfiction and to more music. I kept a reading diary, and I read 37 books last year, 3 less than 2006. My New Year’s Resolutions for 2008 are:

1. To read 52 books

2. To cut my current debt in half

3. T0 have eight books either published or under signed contract.

4. To obtain a literary agent.

I’ll probably think of some other resolutions, but I believe these should get me started. I do believe this will be MY year, the best year of my life, and I wish the same for you.

New Jed Marum Release: Lone Star Stout

My friend and favorite Irish/Confederate balladeer, Jed Marum, has a new CD. The LONESTAR STOUT song list is a collection of Irish favorites, plus a couple of the Americanized versions of some old Irish songs. The album is a No Frills, “Live-in-the-Studio” recording of simple arrangements. In addition to vocals, instruments used are guitar, octave mandolin, mandolin, banjo or banjola. Songs include:

1. Back Home in Derry

2 Risin