Favorite Lines from Purple Cane Road by James Lee Burke

My 20th read of the year since January 1 was Purple Cane Road by Burke. In the 16 or so in the Robicheaux series, I have read all but two. Obviously there’s something about Burke’s style of writing and story telling that appeals to me. Here are some of the lines I underscored as I read:

“Ernest Hemingway said chasing the past is a bum way to live your life,” the sheriff said. /”He also said he never took his own advice.”

(Clete) “My ex said she could have done better at the Humane Society . . . I’ve had the kind of jobs people do when they’re turned down by the Foreign Legion.”

“You treat loss just like death. It visits everyone and you don’t let it  prevail in your life.”

These are just a few of the many quotes I could have listed.  Such quotes give me ideas for my own writing. There’s also a list of detective terms I made from this read. I’ll list them in a future post.