Egg Shell Thin

 I woke early this morning with much to do before I drive to Texarcana. Thankfully, the rain has let up and there’s a beautiful moon in the sky. I thought today I’d write about another writer, Karen Harmon. She is the head of the English department at Delta Community College here, and she has been very patient with me and a great help in my teaching at Delta. Besides that, she is just a great person.  A good writer in her own right, she is fortunate to have studied writing under James Lee Burke at her university. Here is a summary of her novel that recently was published. I think it will do very well. This is the short description on the back cover.


Adrienne Hargrove has always been aware that humans are fragile creatures
walking an egg-shell thin line between innocence and deviance. Her own life
is a chain of guilt from poor choices she’s made. But as a private investigator in
the Deep South, she thought she had seen it all. That was before she was
hired by Catriona Kirby, wife of Galen Kirby, a doctor in a small Louisiana
town. Adrienne knew she was looking into the possibility the doctor was
involved in a drug scam with the sheriff. She even knew there was a possibility the doctor was involved in the murder of an ex-girlfriend. What she never
imagined was that Dr. Galen Kirby was a serial killer deeply involved in a baby
black market scheme. And in their wildest nightmares, neither Adrienne nor
Catriona could have imagined that he was producing his own babies to sell.

KAREN HARMON is the liberal arts coordinator and
an English professor at a junior college in northeast
Louisiana. She studied creative writing at the University of Louisiana at Monroe and at Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas. Her hobbies include raising horses and traveling.