Ed Miller Song Lyrics

Ed Miller is one of the finest Scottish musicians I’ve heard. His website is here: There are several versions of this song, “The Spanish lady,” but as usual, Ed Miller’s is unique. Here is my transcription of his song. Please send me corrections for any lines or words I missed. Mistakes are easy to make in transcription, especially if the musician has an accent that is sometimes thick to my ear. rickeyp@bayou.com

The Spanish Lady

As I went up through Edinburgh City,
Being twelve o’clock at night,
There I spied a Spanish lady
Dressing herself by candlelight.
Madam, I am come to court you
In hopes your favor for to gain
If you’ll kindly entertain me
Maybe I’ll come back again

Sit you down you, hearty, welcome
Sit you down you hearty soul,
Sit you down, you hearty. welcome
Whether ye come back or no

Madam, I’ve got gold and silver,
Madam, I’ve got house and land
Madam, I’ve got men and maidens
All shall be at your command

What care I for gold and silver
What care I for house and land
What care I for men or maidens,
All I want is a handsome man

Madam you deal much in beauty
That sweet flower will soon decay
The fairest flower in all your garden
When winter comes will fade away

Ripest apple soon is rotten
Hottest love as soon is cold
Young men vows are soon forgotten
Pray young man don’t be so bold
First comes lilies, then comes roses
First comes April, then comes May
And the fairest flower of all is summer,
When winter comes will fade away

I’ve wondered North
And I‘ve wondered South
[By Gray Fires kept and White Horse Close?]
Down and around by the old clean village
And back by Deacon Brode’s house

Auld age has laid her hands on me
As cold as a fire of ashy coals
But, where or where is the Spanish Lady,
A maid so sweet about the soul

First comes lilies, then come roses
First comes April, then comes May,
And the Fairest flower of all is summer
When winter comes will fade away.