“Did Spring Come Early to Columbia?” A New Song by Rickey Pittman

I really am working hard on my songwriting. Here is song #7 for my CD I want to have made this summer. I’ll be “field testing” these songs on some audiences soon. I’m thinking of adding a couple of traditional songs that I’ve got my own arrangements for to the CD as well. We’ll see about that. I started to make the song be about a Confederate soldier who had a sweetheart in Columbia who had heard about Sherman burning the city, but I couldn’t make the lyrics work, so I kept the chorus and made it a song about a lost love.

“Did Spring Come Early to Columbia?”
Song lyrics by Rickey Pittman

Did spring come early to Columbia,
Did the dogwoods remind you of our love,
Was the fragrance of magnolias in the air?
Are the birds singing now like they used to,
When our love was strong and I had you,
Did Spring come early to Columbia this year?

We fell in love at first sight,
Didn’t care if it was wrong or right,
But didn’t know how hard a heart could break,
I tried so hard to keep your love,
But when it came to push and shove,
I guess you had to let me go.


We broke the rules and rolled the dice
Won with sevens, hit snake eyes twice,
I played for keeps in a game I couldn’t win,
So crazy in love that I didn’t care,
I called the bluff on the devil’s dare,
You dealt the cards and I did the sin.


They say once love is gone, the demons dance along,
They fill your heart and they teach you their songs,
And their sadness will fill your voice and eyes,
I guess you’ve got your demons too,
Hidden lies, brutal truths,
So let me ask you one more time.


The air is cold, it’s still winter here,
I haven’t seen you in two long years,
But I still think of you every night,
Goodbye was tough, but living’s worse,
I don’t know if I can stay the course,
I need spring again, and you with me tonight.